I saw Who Wants to Kill Jessie rather recently, and I freakin' loved it. It has all the typical aspects of a surrealist comedy, vaguely insane people "entering each other's worlds." In this case though the interaction of two worlds was taken quite literally.

The film is about two scientists who are married and don't particularly like each other (the woman is mean). The man is the head of a factory, and he is trying to invent anti-gravity gloves (which he read about in a comic book) to fix a perpetually disrepaired factory. The woman has just become highly praised because she invented a syrum to change people's dreams.

The problem is, that when the dreams are destroyed in the person's head, they come alive in real life!!!! So when a man is dreaming about the characters in the comic book (one of which is a scientist girl with a lovely 60s dress that is constantly in disrepair, showing off her quite impressive legs and cleavage), his wife decides to change his dream so he is thinking about her, and unknowingly brings the comic book characters to life.

You can imagine what follows. A lovely girl being chased around Prague by a strongman and a cowboy, all of which talk with speech bubbles and get up to all sorts of hijinx. It becomes public, the man gets arrested for letting his dreams run loose, but then escapes, builds the anti-gravity gloves and saves the day (ending up with the lovely comic book girl).

I wouldn't analyze the film too deeply, its just a crazy and lovely film (with great comedic timing), about all the wonderful things that can happen when you dream about beautiful scientist girls from comic books. Or in other words, when you try and inject some magic into the world.

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Melissa said...

(sorry, this comment is on the photo. For about a minute, I couldn't make out the image, then I thought, "Whoa, it's some elaborate dining area. It's strange how the people are all white and blown out and the room seems to be darkly carpeted, with goldish wallpaper and an unlit fireplace!" Then, I looked closer, or maybe my mind started to actually work and saw what it is. I like how looking at it makes me think something completely different...and I still can see it!