Triumph of the Will, is a well made and beautiful movie, that is hard to watch without lowering ones impression of the human race in general.

It was one of Hitler's favorite movies.

The film, made of the 1934 Nazi rally in Nuremburg, was made by one of the most brilliant lady filmmakers in history. It is a documentary in the old documentary tradition (a collection of juxtaposed shots used to invoke a mood rather than explain a situation). The general way the film works is it juxtaposes, shots of crowns, shots of smiling beautiful women, shots of children, shots of men "doing their duty," shots of Hitler looking friendly, more shots of beautiful women.

The entire thing is gorgeously shot, but it is impossible to watch without a shudder. Not because Hitler is so evil, but because it is easy to understand in this movie why everyone loved him. The film really shows you everything that humans are proud of in society, a commitment to work, caring for children, beautiful men and women, a nice combination of strength and affection, which is what being a community is really about. The film shows you how Hitler really stood for this 'community' of the German people, just as any other politician does for their particular constituancy.

Of course watching it today, it serves as a reminder of just how easily humans can be led to murder.

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