I do not really have that much to say about The Man Facing Southeast, though I wish I did, because it really is a quite wonderful movie.

The plot centers around an alien, who everyone thinks is just a crazy person, and his doctor. The alien has telekinetic powers, and uses it for general lefty causes (fighting injustice, food to the poor, etc.), though not conspicuously.

One scene of this film is about the most effective use of magical realism in cinema I have ever seen. There is this girl who goes to visit the alien in the mental hospital, who he says he met building churches or something like that. He tells the doctor that he is particularly interested in her because when she feels passionate a deep blue liquid comes from her mouth. The alien is of course in a mental hospital, so statements like that are to be expected. The doctor later makes love to the woman though, and...

See the movie, its really quite nice.

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