Though this is a short film, it is probably my favorite Keaton short. And Keaton of course is one of those comedians who always promotes the mystical in commentators.

Besides a number of catchy gags (most notably the spinning house gag), what really makes this movie wonderful is a short scene in which Keaton's girl paints two hearts with an arrow through them on the side of the house. Keaton sees what she's doing and kisses her, then he walks away. Chaos ensues

This one scene is the only scene in the entire movie that isn't totally ridiculous, and, if you ask me, that one scene describes something of the essence of love. Keaton of course is always straight faced, his adventures are in a way always normal for him. What really characterizes the marriage in this movie is an absurd accentuation of "in sickness and in health etc. etc." Both characters see this house building as the first adventure in their life together, and the fact that they can't really take themselves, or this house seriously, makes it all the more delightful for them.

What I mean, is love is something that cannot be said in words, only in actions which are pointless, actions filled with incomprehensible affection. Of course who better to express such things then silent comedians, who always seem to be the only things to makes sense in a world overwhelmed with absurdity.

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