Though there are a lot of reasons to watch La Jetée, (it's a good movie), this is one of the few times where it can legitimately be said that the film is worth watching for the sake of a single shot.

The shot is simple. It is a shot of a woman who is lying in bed, she is lying still, and only lightly breathing. What makes the shot stand out, is that it is the only shot in the entire movie that is moving; besides this shot La Jetée is composed entirely of still photographs, and when you come to this shot the movement is barely visible. You have to strain to tell whether the woman is actually moving or you just imagined it.

The point of La Jetée is in this one shot. The sterility of the future world, the impending death of the main character, and the idea of falling in love with a living world. This one image, more then any other cinematic image I have ever seen, leaves you with the overwhelming impression of life.

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