The Bourne Supremacy is in my opinion much worse than the Bourne Identity. The reasons are fairly simple, essentially the Bourne Supremacy took all of the strengths of the Bourne Identity and toned them down in order to make the film more Hollywoody.

To start with, the film begins in Asia, and the film directors quite obviously had a harder time making Asia feel how Asia actually feels to live in, then they did making Europe feel like Europe. They immediately kill off Franka Potente, who was in my opinion one of the main strengths of the first film. The moral tone gets really overwhelming towards the end, and the extended chase scene is much worse choreographed than the numerous fight scenes. Also the women were far too sympathetic in this film. Good and evil should be gender balanced in any progressive society.

On the other hand, the choreography in most of the film was quite high quality, and it did have a similar feeling of shadiness to the original. On the whole I enjoyed watching this film, and I considered it an above average action film, but unfortunately there was more than one occasion where I had to roll my eyes.

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