I wanted to make a post on Before Sunset today, as a follow up to yesterday's post. I don't know if I really have anything to add to yesterday's post though.

I think Before Sunset suffered from the exact same problems as Before Sunrise (the entire film was made up of tacky dialog), and had the same advantages (actually a bit more, since Julie Delpy is quite a bit better looking in this one). What really made this film stand out though, besides the better camera work, is the last 10 seconds of the film. I honestly think that the end of this movie made both mediocre films worth watching.

Of course I don't want to add any spoilers....... but I'll leave it to be said that there is something to being with someone and not saying anything that is rather important. The right combination of the light on someone you find beautiful, and the right words, or lack of, or that meaningless chatter that is supposed to hide something else. Time passes relentlessly, and destroys everything worthwhile. Even though cinema can wither away over time, it can arrest the beauty of light for a few years, in order to remind future generations that something good happened in the past.

My girlfriend is sleeping in the bed next to my desk. I should end this post.

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