If you wondered about the pictures attached to each posting, here is the reason why.

I had a fantasy some time ago, which I originally wanted to make the theme of this website. I didn't, but the man has played an important part in my understanding of how I want the site to develop

In the fantasy there was a man who invented a light capturing machine. The machine involved a large collection of mirrors that funnel light waves and collect them on wax cylinders. These cylinders could be played back like films, showing images caught without a camera. They are just reflections of light which has traveled a thousand miles (similar to how the light reflecting off flowers can turn a blank wall pink, just over a longer distance). The machine would be a combination of a ham radio, and Lumiere cinematograph, and the cylinders would just show a collection of images of people's life. It would be the most beautiful thing in the world.

I wrote a love letter once with this machine in it (I know, its a bit weird that I write love letters about film, but it works). In the letter I told the girl about how I entered the guys house, inside it covered with books and papers, the machine was in the back, and you almost couldn't see it in all the clutter. On the wall was a collection of old vintage photographs, some newer photographs. On his desk, and on the wall, he had sketches he had made from some of the wax cylinders, someones lips, a part of an arm, trees, the feet of a cat who was asleep. He explained the machine to me, and then showed me a few of the wax cylinders. A few images were projected on the wall, people walking around their house in the morning, ducks, a river, a forest, a desert, a building, curtains, there was ten minutes of empty sky, a bird, people in crowds, a man smiling, a woman in a shop, three cars on a street, people walking, a restaurant, a park bench (empty), swings, the eye of someone (I couldn't tell the gender), several cats at different times, an empty field, a deer, a bridge over a small stream, lots and lots of people.

Somewhere in there I saw her.

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